A Day In The Life

By Irish59

Multiple Choice

In your humble opinion, are they (please select only one):

A. Conjoined Twins
B. Double Trouble
C. Two Brothers
D. Better with two heads than one
E. None of the above
F. A&D

Haha, how fun! I was watching these two scrounge around for sunflower seeds in a bunch of tall weeds when suddenly they came together as one. My pick is “G”, and for those of you who stress over tests, there is no correct answer, lol • Another hot and humid day but it seemed more tolerable than yesterday because of mostly cloudy skies. A few thunderstorms tonight should cool it off • We replanted pickling cucumbers and scarlet runner beans, planted some tango red geraniums, and spiced up a couple of hanging pots with annuals • I blipped a red lupine a few days ago. A beautiful, big and full, lush lupine. It was stunning, so tall and erect, demanding attention. There were even a few baby lupines about to be born. Well, it’s stunning no more, in fact, it’s pitifully sad because it also got the attention of our resident chucker (aka woodchuck). I discovered it this morning, nibbled down to almost nothing. I’m so glad I blipped it when I did • Until tomorrow…

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