Silly Saturday ...

... rock stack. Or Cairn. 

Even though it was to be very hot today we ventured out for a lovely walk.  Our destination was Jacobsburg ... starting with a walk on the Sobers Run trail.  

Along the way we saw some rocks laying on top of a tree stump ... scattered at this point.  When I saw them my first reaction was to stack them into a cairn.  Then I asked Richard to pose for me as if he were placing the top rock into place.  Later on I played around in Photoshop trying to make it look like he was actually placing the rock on top ... it obliviously didn't work!!  I will definitely have to play around some more because I'd really like this to work.   Stay tuned ...

Thank you to 60plus for hosting this first Saturday of June's Silly Saturday in honor of the lovely (and missed) Admirer.  Sorry for the very late entry!

Backblipped: June 9, 2021  ... so silly of me!

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