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Strategy for survival

Last night gave me a good sleep: after all that puffing up the golf course, I went out like the proverbial light and didn't waken insanely early because the morning was grey and drizzling. It stayed that way all day, so I managed to accomplish several little tasks that had been lining up as well as put some more thought into a talk for next week in Stornoway. 

We went out into the drizzle later in the afternoon. Himself had noticed some promising-looking cages to hold up sweet peas and so on when we were last in Benmore Gardens, so we took a credit card with us and bought a couple - a bargain bundle - before going for a walk. It was actually lovely - everything was vibrantly green and we saw a young, timid red squirrel at one of the feeding boxes. It was clearly torn between keeping an eye on us and working out how best to get into the box. 

My main photo is of the work that's being done on the famous Giant Redwood Avenue, which has been suffering from lack of drainage. Originally there was a road running down where the grass is now, and the resulting accumulation of water has been affecting the roots, so they've pumped granules into the soil to aerate it (I think) and seem to have killed off the grass under the trees - you can just make out where it is still yellow in the distance. Now they're covering it in this wonderful mulch of - I think - bark and chippings from the trees that they save when they fell them or they fall down. I hope it's successful.

There are two extras: one of a wonderful tree next to the bridge onto the island in the ornamental pond, and one of a window in the bus station in St Andrews. I found out two years ago that one of my poems had been put on it as part of the Stanza poetry festival, and a friend sent me this photo today to show me that it's still there. I've not yet seen it for myself - I really ought to try to make a trip there!

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