Life is a Challenge!

By Honeycombebeach


Being mindful of the fact that tomorrow is Flower Friday, I wasn’t going to take a flower photograph today, but the flowers in our garden are so beautiful at the moment, I couldn’t resist.

Whilst wandering around the garden last night, in the cool of the evening, after a very hot day, the Astrantia plant we bought a couple of weeks ago was looking very sad.  All the flower stems had drooped over, but the bonus was that I was able to see the back of the flowers, which were beautiful, so I thought they would make a good abstract from nature for today.

However, this morning, after being cool all night, I found they were now standing upright, but you know me, the shot has to be taken ON the day, so I played around with several of the stems to see if I could persuade them to droop as they had last night.  

They really weren’t keen on “playing” with me, but eventually, I managed to lodge one of them behind one of Mr. HCB’s home grown Cosmos plants, which is the bright pink you can see through the Astrantia flower.  This shot is SOOIP, taken with my Camera+ app on its macro setting;  the only thing I have done is put a frame on it using my PhotoscapeX app on my iMac.  I hope you will agree with me that this abstract is one of nature’s beauties - who would ever think to look at the back of a flower and admire it?  Well, we all know that Blippers do!

This is Number 57 in my 100 Abstracts Challenge for the Mamie Martin Fund.  Those administering the Fund are aware that a high percentage of Malawian girls drop out of education even before reaching secondary school due to a range of cultural and practical barriers, which include the need to bring in an income for the family, early marriage and pregnancy.

ASALE attended Elangeni Secondary School and was the recipient of a Mamie Martin Bursary because of problems paying school fees.  It was a difficult time for her because every new term meant that there were outstanding fees to be paid.  The Head Teacher knew that if Asale was sent home, she wouldn’t be in school for two or three weeks and even when she came back, there would still be issues with payment of the fees.  Being sponsored by the Fund meant that she and her parents didn’t have to worry about paying the fees themselves.

Sadly, she did not pass her exams well, and did not gain enough points to secure a place at a public University in  Malawi.  She therefore had to attend a Community Day Secondary School, and was confident that she would pass the necessary exams with good grades.  

Asale could have given up, but she persevered and hopefully by doing that will be a good example to other girls and siblings.  It would be so easy for these girls to give up their schooling, but they want to succeed in life, so they are continually striving.  

“The world needs strong women; 
     women who will lift and build others, 
          who will love and be loved. 
Women who live bravely, 
     both tender and fierce;  
          women of indomitable will.” 
Amy Tenney

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