By fairyhedgehog

Need More Sleep!

This morning I was woken up long before getting-up time by my husband sneezing. Not his fault, although his subsequent tossing and turning was a bit annoying.

Eventually, he started to snore gently and I was just settling down to sleep again when our cat, Rufus, started yelling outside the bedroom door. He didn't stop. After nearly half an hour, I gave in and got up - a good hour before I would usually have done.

Although I was tired, I did get as far as the duck pond with my daughter-in-law. She wants cute animal videos for the intro to her Twitch stream about polymer clay. 

But that's me done for the day; I'm fix und fertig (shattered) and ready to go back to bed at four in the afternoon. Ah well.

Not sure what will happen about dinner tonight!

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