By Veronica

Early doors

Up and out of the house hours earlier than we normally would be ... a big day today. Finally, our second Covid jab! It was a long time coming. For the first time ever we arrived at our doctor's surgery (just out of frame on the left) to find no-one waiting, and we were in and out within minutes. Unheard of. I don't know where the other jabbees were; we didn't even bump into S and T, who had their appointments half an hour before ours.

We celebrated with coffee and an almond croissant in the shade on the promenade, and were still home by 9:30. Already a hot day, but I took advantage of it being early and not yet too excessively hot to swiftly make four pots of jam with the apricots I bought at the market yesterday. Later we headed to the garden for lunch, and S finished making his first pallet sunlounger, which is jolly comfortable. We deliberately didn't make further plans for today, just in case, but so far I can report zero side-effects, not even a sore arm (mine was very painful for a couple of days last time). 

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