By ArcLight

COVID themed street art

Or, at least, that’s what I think it is. It’s one of a number of new pieces of street art that have popped up on the empty industrial units gradually decaying around the back of Stead’s Place.

A periodically sunny, quite warm and humid, but pretty windy day today. We sat out for a little while after I’d done some spinning, but were driven indoors by the wind. We could sit on the leeward side of the balcony, but that’s much less private and we’ve decided we don’t much like it. So let’s hope that the sun and warmth stay, but the wind goes, in the next few days, so we can sit out. If the wind drops, that will also make blips of the balcony garden much easier to take.

Earlier I took a walk, inter alia to get my blip, but mainly to take a break from the monster excel spreadsheet that’s been dominating my life for the last couple of days. I also popped by the archaeological site and found out that these are indeed the foundations of the foundry which are being excavated and no, they haven’t found anything especially interesting. Oh well. Apparently they will be there for another couple of weeks. Eventually, the builders will move in, and our peace and quiet, and possibly our view, will be at an end.

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