By stuartjross

New Chain Man

I was back on site today on the south side of Loch Ness. I met the game keeper I had spoken to by phone last night. He had visited the spot I described and he did find the young deer. It was still bleating for its mother. Given its his job C knows all about such things and confirmed it was a red deer calf and only a few days old. Shaky on its slender legs it was in need of some nourishment from its Mum. He had revisited the spot this morning and there was no sign of the calf and hoped that was a good sign. He was going to continue checking the area.

In other news R did his last shift for me today. He has enjoyed a decade on a huge range of projects. His new post is in an entirely different field of work. His experience with kit and software has very much evolved along with my own. There is no realistic chance of finding a direct replacement and the prospect of training a new assistant from scratch is daunting.
During his furlough period last year I did mange to work on my own but it was incredibly strenuous.
He has continued to work conscientiously up to his last day and I appreciate all his hard work. I wish him all the best in his new job.   .   

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