By TrishaR

Lunch Out

Managed to get mum out for a nice lunch in Brown and Blacks in Scone. The food was delish I had the baked salmon with pots and veg in a nice sauce. She declared the fish better than Kisa (a favourite from so long).

Three deliveries for the Foodbank today. One lady isolati g with her teenage kids told us she went to Dundee to the bingo last week. Dose of Covid instead of winnings! Another delivery was to a single guy who initially I couldn’t get an answer from despite ringing his bell for ages. I got let in by another of the flat owners and then banged on his door and shouted through the letterbox it was the Foodbank. I’m on the f*cking toilet he roared. Then, ‘Bring the f*cking food in and leave it inside’. So my husband did but as he turned the corner trying to find a space on the floor for his feet he was face to face with Daniel sitting on the loo telling him to leave it f*cking there. I was unaware of this as I was too busy staring at his decor. A massive big blue King Billy of Orange flag on one wall with a skeleton hanging in the corner and a gargoyle light and stacks of weird stuff all strewn around. it was quite an experience this delivery! I think he was trying to concentrate on the loo and I was continually ringing then banging the door making him mad!

We see it all on our travels, sadly for some folks.

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