Welcome to the Great, Green PA Rainforest!

We are in a rainy period, and it has been doing just that pretty much every day. We had a band of heavy storms with torrential rains move through on Wednesday afternoon that pretty much drowned us out. The sky just opened up and it POURED.

Water backed up almost into our garage and flooded the front porch. It's a good thing my husband was there to dig out a ditch to help the water disperse; that prevented further harm. Amazing the variety of things you find yourself doing when you own a house.

On this day, the rains moved south of us, and portions of south central Pennsylvania experienced bad flooding. They were monitoring the reservoirs and dams. Cars were submerged underwater on the streets of Altoona. However (for a change), the area where I live stayed mostly dry.

So in the morning, I went for a bike ride and hike into our local gamelands, and I am showing you the gift that all of these rains have given us: a landscape of endless GREEN, covered in ferns, like some great prehistoric rainforest.

The water is full up again in every single vernal pool in the Scotia Barrens, and the amphibians are celebrating! I saw many large creatures hop from shore to water, and that loud, silly, plucking-on-a-banjo sound the big bullfrogs make was the pleasant song I listened to as I contemplated these green and ferny woods.

Let's let the song for this posting be this one: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, with The Rain Song.

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