The Return of "the Bun"

Our yard is typically full of birds and bunnies. But we had gone through a stretch recently where we had not been seeing any rabbits. Not big ones. Not little ones. No buns at all.

Last week, one of the bunnies returned to our yard. And now we are seeing it everywhere. It doesn't startle easily. It sits quietly eyeing us up while munching on the tall, green grasses.

My husband is over the moon at this news, of course, as he is a bun lover from way back when. He has been singing to the Bun (whose name, so far is just that: "the Bun") and putting out carrots for it.

I can tell by the slant of the ears and the intelligent look in the eyes that this is a member of the famous Bunzini clan of yester yore. So this is definitely a homecoming. Here is a hearty Welcome Back to "the Bun"!!!!!

The soundtrack song is this one: John Sebastian, with Welcome Back.

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