The Bug Who Lived in a Scarlet Paradise

The big news from the original butterfly garden along the south side of the house is that the red lilies are blooming. So I have been keeping a close eye on them, and photographing them each day.

I snapped some photos of the red lilies after rain, with lovely raindrops on them, and when I uploaded the photos and examined them, I discovered that a tiny critter was sitting on the lily petals. So I went back outdoors for a second look!

Fortunately, the little bug (a katydid nymph) was still there, and as I watched and photographed, it nonchalantly strolled across several of the red blooms like it owned the place. It was pretty adorable, I have to say!

I showed my husband the bug pictures and I giggled myself silly over them. Such a cute bug! And I said to him, Imagine living in the green, green butterfly garden, and then one day, the big red lily blooms appear, and suddenly, you get to live in a scarlet paradise!

The song for this story is this favorite: John Mellencamp, with Small Paradise.

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