Tiger Swallowtail on Red Lily

A lot was happening in the yard on this day. A tiger swallowtail came and took a long drink from the fancy red lilies that are blooming their hearts out in the original butterfly garden along the south side of the house.

Then a baby bunny appeared! It is about one-tenth the size of the other bunny I have shown you recently. It is faster than a speeding bullet and we have been calling it Rocket Bunzini. Meet Rocket in the extra photos area!

There was an unprovoked attack on the new butterfly garden. Somebody chewed the new blue ("Hell-ride") salvia and snipped it off in four or five places. The Bun is suspected but we have no evidence to convict. I took the pieces and stuck them back in the ground and watered them all.

And then in the evening, we had terrible storms, with lots of lightning and thunder, and with some steady rain. We still have power and no trees came down, so we're good to go!

The soundtrack song is for the baby bunny, Rocket. Here is Kate Bush with Rocket Man.

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