By Freyjad

Gt Crested Grebes

I saw no youngsters today but previously I'd seen a family of Black-necked grebe but they were a long way off and I didn't get a good shot of them. These were taken at St Aiden's, a nice reserve but very spread out with a lot of walking required.  I went there hoping the walk would cure my headache but unfortunately I brought it back home again and I think it's the result of eating a chocolate rice cake -  I know I shouldn't but every so often I decide to risk it.

Watching some of the G7 coverage on TV brings back many happy memories for us;  years ago when the children were very young we spent holidays at the Carbis Bay Hotel.  Later we owned a roof top apartment overlooking the same bay and we spent many happy times there, the best times as I remember were in winter when it was less busy.

Thank you for visiting my journal, it's very much appreciated.

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