By jennyg

Bee on Allium Cristophii

Thank you for all your kind words about my garden, what I should have said is I have 2 gardeners, I have a chap that has cut my grass and cut my hedges for over 20 years. Over to years ago i was have problems with my back and I found a wonderful lady garden she deals all the boarders and makes a wonderful job it.

This morning I went with my niece back to the Sunrise oncology unit to speak about the way forward. 

The out come was that as i have had the radiotherapy and still recovering from that they want to get may pain more controlled. This will also give me two weeks to think whether to have the chemo. They are saying if I have chemo the average life span could be 18 month, where as with out it it could be 12 months. As you can imagine this is the most difficult decision in my life. 
I am very much looking forward to my sister and her husband coming to stay with me next week, also the palliative nurse will be coming which will be good to be able to speak to her she when my sister is there, as my sister was a nurse and then a sister and has a lot of knowledge so we will be able to have a good talk.

After we left oncology my niece and I went for lunch which was lovely because I no longer feel sick and I enjoyed a very nice carvery. 

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