By Pinkhairedlady

Another day, another orchid shot

Ed booked Phin into doggy daycare so he was out of the way of the builder doing the deck but we could have kept him at home as the builder could only work for 3 hours this morning as he had an appointment for his second COVID-19 vaccination. He travels up from Galashiels so it didn’t make sens for his to come back again afterwards. He’ll be back on Monday. It’s starting to take shape already.

So it was an early start to take Phin out first thing before breakfast and setting off for doggy daycare. He was quite happy to go in and by all accounts he enjoyed his day though he took a 2 hour nap when he got home.

I managed to get the interior of the van mostly cleaned today, just some hoovering to do and wash the outside and we will be able to take it back to the storage yard and get the car parked on the drive again. I also made another few mask extenders and will pick up buttons tomorrow to finish them off.

Tiny Tuesday results
Another 86 wonderful entries to this week’s challenge with the optional theme of Green. A thank you to the blippers who entered and made my crossing a tricky task with your great ideas.

Favourites are awarded to the following:
ninniex - tiny green glass handed down from her mother -
Jeano - green nails, rings and a tiny painting -
Teejay - grass reflected in water droplet -
pixelpixie - home grown green edibles -
ajt - iridescent shield bug -

Honourable mentions are awarded to the following:
AnneILM60 - tiny grasshopper on hibiscus flower -
Hanulli - tiny striped spider -
sunflower - tiny bug captured by accident -
random_angel - green stitch marker -
freespiral - earring filled with Irish moss -

If you’d like to participate next week, the tag is TT316 with an optional colour theme of blue.

Another closeup of the orchid which keeps on giving, over 20 flowers now with more buds to come. Thanks to Anni, BikerBear for hosting.

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