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This is one of my favourite roses but over the last few years it has become... not sure how to describe it, deformed?flawed? The flower seems to grow around another bud. The stem has also become extremely thorny. Not every flower is affected, but enough to make it look odd. I think I may have to bite the bullet and dig it out. Shame really as it looks good and has a nice scent. I'll put a perfect flower head into the extras. I wonder if I could just prune off the affected branches /stems. Shame. Does anybody in blipland know what has caused it?
Friday today, so the art quiz will go into the comments.
It was nice not to have to go crawling under bushes today, and I was glad not to have to as the weather has been really dull and its been cooler.
I went into town to take some things back to Mountain Warehouse, first time I've been in for ages, it was fairly quiet. I popped into Hotel Chocolate. Like Hazelh, I had to go and get some chocolate. Rose and violet cream was my addiction of choice today. I walked most of the way home via Stockbridge picking up a rather nice book on Susie Cooper in the Shelter Shop. I like a lot of her work both from her early days with Shorter as well as some of her Wedgewood designs.
Colin kindly came and picked me up just past Flora's.
Back home I made a batch of oatcakes then we had a quick dinner, including cauliflower cheese which is a favourite. We played bridge after dinner with some Cursillo friends, it was good to catch up and the bridge went well too.
Oh, and I bought my ferry tickets for next month too.

Keep safe everybody, the vaccine roll out is going really well now with drop in centres up and running from next week.

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