The second half of life..

By twigs

Fungi fun

A very nice drive down to the Lake, a lovely couple of hours spend looking, photographing and learning but not moving very far at all!  Lunch was at the Alpine Lodge in St Arnaud where I enjoyed a large bowl of mushroom soup.......really.....what else would you have on a fungi foray?!  Another couple of hours in the afternoon around the bush at the lake then people headed home and I parked simply up at the campsite :)  Easy!

This was probably my best image from the day (it's actually 6 images blended together) - odd though it may seem, I'll be looking for a few more opportunities to photograph fungi.......there are sooooooo many, such a variety of colours, shapes, sizes, forms.  I'm told that fungi are classified as a kingdom of their own, neither animal nor plant but a kind of cross between the two.  Check out this video by Stephen Axford (Australian, not New Zealand fungi) and I'm sure you'll begin to see at least a little of the fascination they hold.  You'll also see some of his amazing photographs.....something to really aspire to.

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