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By Lightchaser12

The subtile fragrance of life

As a contact buddy , i take Mrs M once or twice in a month on a wheelchair tour around Bruges. As the total lockdown has come to an end , we have a drink and chat on a terras. She loves the sunlight as she is living in a small house without sunrays coming in. We didn t have that much time as 5U30 pm we had to be at her home cause she had appointement with the fysiotherapist.During our walk we past some rose bush and i let her smell the sweet fragrance of those flowers. A bit further we did find some wild roses as pictured. I am also planning a trip to the seaside which she s longing to go. As she  is living with a disabelity we have to plan and book with railway compagny in advance. We will need special device so she can enter the train by wheelchair.

Oke guys seems like yesterday i posted my 2500 th blipfoto. First of all
a Huge thank You for the appreciation favs , stars and positive comments. Really appreciate it. I m not after it but still it is some encouragement to go further. I love to picture my daily life and surrounding; To keep it interresting it is always a task. Even the famous photographers didn t make a top pic every week or day. Honestly i don t see myself as a photographer, i m more like sketching the small scenes of life which suits me best.
I am regulary enyoing blipfotos of the ones i follow but it takes alot of time to study each one and can't do it daily.

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