By Beinghere

A Favourite Tree

This morning we went for a wander up Gillingshill Nature Reserve.  We stopped off at Gary`s to see if we could take his dog, Cass, with us, and Gary said he would come too.  
Gillingshill is very overgrown just now.  I`ve never seen it like that because the council used to keep the paths mowed or strimmed.  The council here in Fife is focussing on "rewilding" (neglect) at the moment.  Which means lots of parks, nature reserves and roadsides will no longer get the grass cut.  This will save the council lots of money and make many outdoor spaces much less accessible.  I`ve said my piece, I`ve written the emails.  I can`t, won`t do any more.
We had a good walk, and Geordie seemed to enjoy having Cass there for company.  I was really pleased to see that the swans still have 6 cygnets.

In the afternoon I planted and watered some seedlings/small plants, and tidied up the shed.
Late afternoon Mary Ann popped round for a catch-up.  We chatted over a cuppa, then I made us food, we chatted over that.  We could have still been chatting yet, but about 9pm Mary Ann left.  We now know each other a lot better.
It`s been a good day, and I`m all talked out.

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