By Ingleman

Park & Ride

Glorious day in many respects, starting with the sunrise and mist in the valleys, walking three miles into Llanidloes, capturing shots of a Red Kite and seeing two Curlews flying low over the still dewey grass. Waiting to meet Mrs I and Hollie dog, I had a pavement mug of tea and a warm scone and jam. It was wonderful. Then the skate park. We have passed this place many times. But today I stopped and took some shots before the kids got here. It was quiet, and peaceful, and sunny. I loved the artwork and decided to make this my blip for the day. Do you know what the hardest thing is about skateboarding?
The concrete.

Met Mrs I and Hollie dog, who loves the park and gets a swim in the river. It was glorious and we got home tired and ready for coffee and lunch in the shade on the patio. Bloomin' marvellous.

Sad to hear about Christian Erikson in the Euros, liked him a lot as a Spurs player, wish him well, and a speedy recovery.

Have a great Sunday! 

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