Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


I thought it was supposed to rain today but it was gorgeous!  For high school graduation at memorial stadium at Seattle center.   Each kid got 4 tickets but Eric told grandpa not to come.   So we watched it on the tv in our living room…. ( extra).  With too much sun streaming through the windows at the screen…but i really loved seeing each kid up close....what a diverse population thy are.     Eric sent me the blip which I just had to use of their family.   I don’t think he’ll mind.    Also loved his photo of Nik by the pop museum.    Masked and a few feet apart, but at least there was something all together and some memorable speeches from students about the weird experience they’ve had and what they’ve learned.  We’ll watch Tatum’s Monday night from our same seats. 
And now it’s a new chapter! 

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