Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


Black Lives Matter of Seattle/king county organized this “silent “ March and  strike for today,   I’m not interested in such a group thing , but friend Mike and I thought we’d be supportive and walk our neighborhood with signs.  Miserable rainy day but this was definitely the highlight ....altho disappointing not many neighbors were out walking in the rain!  Maybe 2 cars honked.    It seems to have been a peaceful crowd (60,000!). on the march.  Lots of businesses were closed ( which seems a bit questionable as so many are just barely open and struggling)   Seattle has gotten a lot of press lately and the police are banned from using tear gas and projectiles but the area around the capital hill police station is like a little autonomous zone for now and the police had vacated it but are now returning and  a great mural is being painted on the street. I think not a lot to worry about there at the moment but no reason for me to be up there.   The protesters can’t stay there forever ...

Our walk was longer than the big one so a rest was needed after,   Now at 5, it’s clearing and blue sky! 
H took this of these slightly damp and masked creatures at the end of our walk by our house.  
Extras, a restaurant owner in the neighborhood supporting the March with the rules on her door  and one bird more sensible than us , taking cover from the weather 

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