By JohnW

Sunrise - in the West??

(Plus ‘Birds on Rations’ at extra)
This is the sight that greeted me from our kitchen window (looking west over Grantham way) at twenty past three this morning.  I could barely believe my eyes, and just had to take a shot or five.  This is a stitched pano of three of them taken from our field gate in just my dressing gown and not a lot else.  On this occasion PS Elements made a better job than Affinity.  Best viewed in large.
Later on, at about ten past six, the Jackdaws raided the fat block on the back lawn feeding station.  When we got up the feeder was on the lawn in pieces, so we checked on the CCTV and found one enterprising bird had gone to great lengths to lift the fat block feeder of the bracket and drop it to the ground, then proceeded to dismantle it and threw the cage to one side before attacking the almost whole fat block.  Ten out of ten for that bird. 
We had a dozen or more Jackdaws on the front, then back feeding stations at that time.
So the first job after Sunday breakfast (brunch) was to adapt the feeding station to make it Jackdaw (and squirrel) proof (we hope).  In its lowered position the feeder can’t be lifted of the hook with the Jackdaw standing on the bracket.
And only half rations (both front and back) until the adjustments are proven AND the Jackdaws  have stopped the dawn raids and given the other birds a chance.

Too hot to do anything but veg out now . . .

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