By AndrewFH

A tree

I noticed this tree yesterday on our walk and felt guilty for not having seen its beautiful shape and leaves before. It stands at the back of the farm opposite us, in a position where it is easily ignored, but is a variegated maple (I think) so is likely to have been planted with some fore thought at some time in the past. I will pay it more attention from now on.
A very warm day - too hot for gardening, despite clouding over for most of the day, so I watched the England match this afternoon and was impressed by the way they played. Let us hope they can keep up through the tournament. It is forecast to be cooler tomorrow.
It seems that the government have come up with a new narrative against the EU by suggesting that they haven't understood that Northern Ireland is part of the UK. Brexit is not done, neither have the government finished in doing harm to the standing of the UK in the world, despite the multitude of photo opportunities created over the last few days.

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