Unwanted films

Today I continued - and finished - the major garage clear out started a couple of days ago. It involved emptying the place almost entirely, sorting out a lot of rubbish for the dump recycling centre and reorganising the storage arrangements.We will be disposing of an old fridge which has been living in the garage, so had to clear it out. On the top shelf of the door were these assorted films, which have been stored in the fridge since I bought them (and condensation has damaged many of the boxes).  They are now all well out of date.

The colour negative films were for my wife;  the reversal films were for me.  Neither of us has used film for over 14 years and I have no desire to return to film.  So, unless I find someone who wants a batch of out of date colour films, they will be consigned to the recycling (or, more likely, landfill).

The garage is now somewhat tidier and better organised.

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