By dogwithnobrain

Lookin' at the world and everything that passes

I try not to look at the world through Rose Tinted Glasses.    I just tend to see the good and the great around me. 

Si and I were having a "quiet" Sunday (a) because we completely knacked ourselves yesterday and (b) he had to prepare for the "match" at 1 pm. 

We still managed to be out of bed by 8, breakfast in the garden, gazing at our beautiful greenhouse by 8.30, and up to the allotment by 9. 

As I sat in the garden avoiding the tension in the living room - I thought back to our Sundays in another time -  we'd run the bath - one of us would jump in.  The other would pick up the papers from the front door.  Make the tea - we'd have the radio on to listen to DLT and whilst one soaked - the other read stories and we'd answer quiz questions from the radio together.   

Then we'd swap over, another cuppa tea, and another 20 minutes of stories and chat. 

And then we'd go to the pub and get falling over drunk. 

Aw. Those were the days.   

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