By dogwithnobrain

He's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon

we did our usual - We got up early (but were about 30 minutes later than the last few weeks; headed out for the shopping and then headed up to the allotment for 10. 

We said "we're taking it easy".  There was still the greenhouse to complete. 

We were there for two and a half hours - planted leeks, dug in more fertiliser, planted 40 sunflowers. Weeded as much as we could watered everything.

We got home, had a drink and Si started.  This greenhouse came in about 100 parts.  Every  part was green and looked like the other parts., absolutely bloody nightmare.

while he did that, I repotted, planted in the garden, waters, carried stuff, help pieces in place. make him tea.  Made him coffee, made him juice. 

and by 6.30. 

We were there. 

Greenhouse up. 

All good. 

Knackered now. 


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