Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A change in the weather ...

I'm just in from a brief walk round the West Bay in the interests of not sitting around for too long before a long drive tomorrow. After the bright sun of the morning and most of the afternoon, this creeping blanket of cloud has come as a bit of a surprise, and it's become almost unbearably close. 

The morning began with a phone call from the manager of Lews Castle - a nice touch, that, making sure we were still expecting to arrive as planned, arranging to meet him with a phone call. After that everything was very normal for a bit - sunshine, church, conversations outside afterwards, midges, friend down for coffee. I still can't think it's normal to sing while wearing a mask - that last hymn left me breathless after breathing in all my own carbon dioxide. The three of us had a good dissection of why it's so wrong over coffee. We also started making plans for proper, day-long, picnic-carrying walks for the four of us - maybe even a day trip to Arran ...

Then we got down to Last Things. I made sandwiches for tomorrow; there's a loaf in the machine to take in the Self Catering Box. We had dinner at the time I associate with choir practice days, so that we can sleep rather earlier than we usually do. We had coffee in the garden with the last of the sun.

Now it looks a bit like Mordor out there, and I'm so hot I'm wearing an old black shirt belonging to someone much larger than I am, and a pair of shorts. I am going to watch Time - just to get me properly stressed - and the News. I expect not to be writing very long entries for some days - I get very fed up doing them on the phone.

Photos should be different, though ...

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