Joey finished getting both Jim’s & our yards done yesterday in the nick of time. Joey finished as the rain began and rain it did! We got 2.8” of rain at our house in two hours!! Thank goodness it didn’t keep up.

Today being Sunday, we headed to church in the morning and I sat in the choir loft as Kent played the organ. That gives me plenty of distance from the rest of the congregation :-) I also like as I can look out and see who’s there and do the smiling, winking and yes even sticking out of my tongue at a couple of people! :D

Once home I got out my pencils and colouring book and worked on finishing the owl picture I started yesterday. (The page I finished yesterday is in extras) We listened to Music & the Spoken Word and then watched the final show in this season of All Round Champion.

Personally I’m ready for a nap now. Let’s see if I can get one.

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