By Barking

Snail on a tiny shroom

I think I may need to seek help for my snail obsession! I just love them; they're so alien looking and quite funny. They're great to work with and this one was just so tiny! Of course, once they have modelled for a short while, they are released to a safe spot where they can live out their lives and not be bothered by me again. This one was in a precarious position inside the rubbish wheely bin when I found it. Now it is safe.

MrB and I decided to take Abe down to the Main Street for a cuppa this morning. By the time we fluffed around and got there, it was breakfast time, so we found an outside table where we could eat our food and drink our tea with Abe. He was very good. We ended up walking around 4.5 km all up and it was lovely to spend some time with two of my favourite boys (Nikau couldn't come!).

Home to do some self-directed study for my course and to work on my photography contract. I never really know what to put in it, but I'll get there.

A quick shoot with this little cutie before doing a spot of weeding in the veggie patch. Oh, and the extras are my other shots. Little Miss chose this one as my blip today.

MrB has gone to help his brother again; still cleaning up after Wednesday's storms and still without power (they have a small generator, but no hot water and no sign of power for at least the next five days!). At least they have a log fire; otherwise I think they'd have to stay elsewhere for a while.

I've been helping Little Miss with her Outdoor Ed assignment (culling words for her!)

A quiet evening before going back to work tomorrow after this lovely, lazy long weekend.


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