The sandpit

By DesertCamel

Sand storm

Winds have picked up and we got hit with a sandstorm of note orange everywhere. Tasting dust too

Corona Virus Update
Bahrain recorded 1,034 new cases, 17 fatalities and 2,239 recoveries today

Bahrain witnessed a 44 per cent drop in Covid-19 infections last week – with the daily average falling to 1,456 cases from 2,616 a week prior.
On May 29, the number of existing cases were 28,798. It dropped to 19,238 on June 8, which confirms we are moving in the right direction

PRIVATE schools in the country are encouraging parents to get their children inoculated against the coronavirus

UK reports 8,125 new Covid-19 cases, highest daily total since February

Philippines to give vaccinated elderly more freedom to encourage inoculation
As of June 6, only 1.54 million, or 16%, of an elderly population of more than 9 million, had got their first shot,
Recording nearly 1.3 million infections and more than 22,300 deaths, the Philippines is battling the second-highest COVID-19 caseload in the region, next to Indonesia

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