By Beinghere


Another easy-going day for Geordie and I.

We went to our "Happy Place", the woods, this morning and had a great walk.  The scent of the pine trees seemed to be blowing through the woods, with the help of the gale that we have here today.  I heard very few birds, maybe due to the wild wind.  There were even more wild flowers than last week.  We made a slight detour from our usual path and came across a patch of poppies.  The colour was almost shouting in comparison to the softer more pastel shades of the other flowers.
Geordie went into the burn at a point where it is really muddy, and came out looking like he was wearing knee-high black socks.  So that extended our walk a bit as I needed to find a bit where the burn was clear enough to wash his legs.
We met Jim and Amber, his lovely red-fox lab.  Geordie was over the moon to see Amber and gave her lots of kisses.  Amber, on the other hand, is far too sensible for that nonsense, so she came to me for a bit of adult sense and treats, of course.

I had a quiet afternoon on the sofa reading, then watered the plants.

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