By Beinghere

Wildflower Collage

We had an earlier start than usual today because I slept really badly.  I had trouble getting to sleep, then kept wakening up every wee while.  Then the milkman came at 3.50am and Geordie heard him, and barked, of course.  After that it was the dawn chorus, noisier than usual because there were so many windows open.  Aaaarrgh! 

Anyway, we had a great walk in the woods again today.  Although there is all the greenery in the woods, between the tree foliage and the ferns, which totally cover the ground up to my waist height, there are still lots of wild flowers.  When the primroses, daffodils and bluebells were done I was sad, but there is still colour.  The collage I made is totally from flowers in the wood this morning.

When we got back Suzy popped in and left Maggie with me for a couple of hours.  So that was fun, as usual.  And more on the cards tomorrow when Maggie comes for lunch.  So I hope I sleep better tonight because I will need lots of energy tomorrow.

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