By Beinghere

Water Quality Inspector

Maggie checking out the water in the bathing pool.
I’m pleased to say I slept a lot better last night. I kept the bedroom window closed, so the dawn chorus wasn’t quite so loud. I’m sure that helped.
I had wee Maggie today, and what a fun time we had. We walked across to the park and played on the swings and climbing stuff for a while, then her Ladyship announced she wanted to go to the beach, so down all the steps to the bathing pool we went. We plonked ourselves down on the sand and made patterns, then buried Geordie’s legs in the sand. There were only four people in the pool, and when I passed earlier there were six. So it is getting well used.
Maggie wanted to walk down the side of the pool, which was full and looked like an infinity pool at the end. My nerves were well and truly tested.
Then we walked home and made lunch.
After that we did all sorts; made up jigsaws and played with the fairy house, danced to the songs Maggie asked Alexa to play. She even got Alexa to play Happy Birthday to
Geordie. It’s not his birthday, but I’m sure he appreciated it. Then just as we settled down to have some quiet time, with Nana reading, Suzy arrived to whisk my wee friend away. The house always feels quiet after Maggie goes home because she chatters non stop. She’s at the stage when she makes lots of really cute, funny expressions as she tells her stories. Geordie’s face always falls when she leaves, he totally dotes on her.

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