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By ajt

Mono stability

Odd sort of day. Yesterday the pollen count was quite high here and though I didn't suffer during the day I did wake up once over night and rubbed my eyes quite a bit before I gained enough consciousness to stop myself from doing it. I thus started the day a little sleepy and bleary eyed.

I managed to get a few things done at work which is always good and figured out what a client wanted - which is actually going to be quite complicated....

Today's mono blip is a cross section of a maple tree we had chopped down. There were two maples (species uncertain - but probably sycamore) next to walls and really not best placed, so as much as I love trees they had to come down. We split what we could with a chain-saw, and managed to sell (basically give it away) to a neighbour but we kept a few nice chunks to use a tables - this is the top of one. It once held up several tonnes of tree, now it holds a mug of tea or possibly a milkshake in summer and is just there in winter.

Apparently steady comes from the old English stæþþiń° and the first current meaning is Firm in standing or position; not tottering or shaking which was pretty true when this was part of a big tree.

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