By spannarama

Drive by

Up early-ish this morning. I made coffee and tea and delivered the former to a sleeping Tim and the latter to a sleeping Mum (she woke up, Tim carried on snoozing for a little longer).  Met Mum's favourite carer, Naomi, briefly, too, as she arrived just after I'd delivered the tea.

Got packed up - and even remembered all the sandwiches I'd made this time - and on the road by 11am.  Lots of big hugs with Mum before we left.  We had a really good journey home - just over three hours, with no hold-ups anywhere - and even got our parking space back once we got home.  Very rare!

Unpacked and watched the second half of the Scotland Euros match (2-0 to the Czech Republic).  I needed to post a birthday card to my friend's daughter, so took the opportunity to go for a walk round the heath as well, phoning my Mum on the way to let her know we'd got back OK.  Had a lovely wander through all the meadowy-ness (and arrived home with itchy, rashy legs!)

Quite looking forward to getting back into our own bed tonight :)

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