By Kipsie

Steady does it!!

I don't want to waste any ..... :-D
2 loads of washing done.
A trip to the allotment with broken plastic plant trays etc.
Watered all the squash/pumpkin, peas, runner beans/ French beans. Think I gave the Rainbow chard too much fertilizer .. they're bolting. I've got more seed so will harvest these and start again. Tied in the runner beans, then headed home. I watered the remaining plants from the Rowcroft sale.
Vacuumed then shampooed the lounge carpet. Hubby was up, bed stripped, bedding laundered.
A couple of bits of paperwork dealt with.

The total raised for Rowcroft Hospice was £486.10 .. I was feeling elated. I sent a BIG THANK YOU to the local FB page 'Spotted Chudleigh' & my own page, then a FB friend very generously wanted to top my fund up to £500.00. Lots of thank you's to give out, that took a little time, then another local lady asked if she could pop in this afternoon to look at what I had left.
It was time for lunch, then an hour in the sun .. flippin' hot! Not that I'm complaining ...
Washing all dried & folded, not too many items for ironing.
Sam & her daughter arrived at 4.15pm. They spent £25 on plants so now my grand total stands at £525. Another lady popping in tomorrow morning to buy some. :-) I've nearly sold out.
Toad in the hole for dinner tonight. Made a carrot cake while the oven was on .. not made one before. Got to make the cream cheese frosting in the morning. Mum likes carrot cake. :-)

Just given the back garden a good soaking with the hosepipe. Rain maybe on Wednesday evening but there again ................

Had a mini melt down yesterday .. back on track today. :-) xx

Thanks to random_angel & Majoayee for hosting this month.


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