An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Kildary, Ross & Cromarty, Day 10

David played nine holes at Portmahomack this morning.  Unlike the course at Brora, there were no sheep or cows to keep him company on the fairways :-)

BELTS (a BLT but with added boiled egg :-) for lunch followed by a planning discussion about our activities over the next few days.  Things have been changed about a bit to fit in with the weather forecast.

One of the little fishing villages on the east coast that I was keen to visit was Helmsdale, so we set off for there this afternoon.  

Tain Pottery is only a few minutes from where we are staying and I've been desperate to visit it since we arrived, so as we had to pass to to get to Helmsdale, we popped in.  Oh heavens.  I could have spent a fortune in there!  

We wanted to buy a large serving plate but couldn't initially agree on a design.  I of course wanted the Glenaldie design because I can't resist thistles, but David preferred the Cromarty design that features the bottlenose dolphins that swim in the Cromarty Firth.  In the end we compromised.  I bought a small vase with the thistles on and we bought a large plate in the Balintore design as we both love it.  I'm hoping to persuade David to return though, as I would really love a large jug in the Fearn design to use as a vase.

Onwards to Helmsdale (some info about the little fishing village at the end of my blip) .

When we arrived the sun was shining and the wind was blowing quite fiercely.  We drove around the town to get our bearings and returned to park at the harbour.  Then it was time for my maiden voyage in my new wheels (David still referring to it as the electric chair!  lol. I think I need to come up with a name!) 

David got the chair out the boot and set up while I got my cardi and scarf on, then it was time to plonk my backside on the seat and go find my freedom! :-))

I wish I could describe to you how amazing it felt to look along the length of the harbour seeing all sorts of things I wanted to photograph, and knowing I would be able to do it.  

Views of the boats, village, seagulls, harbour walls that without the chair, would have been completely out of my reach.  In fact none of the photos in extras would exist if I hadn't had my chair.  

And it wasn't just being able to take the photos I wanted to take that was exciting, it was the feeling I was there....actually the middle of it, experiencing it, instead of observing from the car.  Feeling the wind in my hair (boy oh boy did I feel the wind in my hair!) the smell of the sea, the sound of the seagulls flying in circles about my head (no doubt very disappointed I didn't have any chips! :-) and being able to touch the creels, move around to get different viewpoints, move at a steady pace with David at my side and above all, be pain free whilst doing it!  Arthritis ceased to exist!  :-). 

Oh I am going to enjoy this freedom even more than I thought I would!

On the way back to the Barn we stopped off at Tesco for some supplies (I happily stayed in the car for that part ;-) and after dinner we finalised out plans for the next couple fo days.  Here's hoping the weather behaves itself!


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