Rocky Mountain Moments

By pipersmom

She's Back!

We thought we had it covered (pun intended) when Darrin went up and put the metal grate over the chimney.  It looks kind of lightweight in my blip but it wasn't easily bendable.  He made sure to secure it really well too.  Somehow mama raccoon got past it and into the chimney again.  I'm calling her mama because she had babies in the chimney last year so I assume she has done it again.  I guess we'll see.  PD shined his big flashlight on her so I could get this shot. :-)

PD went early this morning to pick up the new batteries for the camper.  We were able to get them installed and hooked up before the sun was too hot.  The camper has been plugged in all day so they should be fully charged by now.  We'll check in the morning to make sure.  Tomorrow we'll hook up to water to make sure all the lines are clear and there are no leaks.  Fingers crossed on that!!

I am grateful that PD noticed our visitor, or maybe tenant would be a better word.  I had an emergency flower blip ready but I like this shot much better. :-)

Thank you to everyone for your visits and stars and hearts.  I really appreciate all of them! xx

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