Elwetritsches Welt

By Elwetritsche

Little Wildflowers

Emergency blip and I don't know what I'm looking at...

Finally got my first Covid jab in the early evening. After all this waiting I got a call from my GP right after work and on my way to the train station and received the jab within an hour after the call.
Now that I had just received an appointment in one of the vaccination centers - for tomorrow lunchtime. My luck. Will cancel that now and make someone else happy. I was one of the last ones at work and family without the vaccination; I don't know why I had to wait so long. Even my much younger completely healthy colleagues are all fully vaccinated already. Nobody understands the system (if there is one).

Got my work notebook back and will be working from home the rest of the week. I hope everything works - will find out tomorrow.

Now for some football.

20:40; 26°C

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