Fruit Chia Pot

Fruit Chia Pot.
Quite a few of our 'listed' breakfases need some preparation the day before. Sue normally does this but yesterday I knew we were having Tom Kerridge Chia Pots (I call it frog spawn:) so I decided I would do the preparation. 
Sue's approach to cooking is based on a lot of experience and is not always to the written recipe. My approach is from a more scientific direction. I will rarely  fiddle with the recipe except maybe the amount of spices used plus I alway put more Chorizo in the a recipe calls for. No Chorizo used in Chia Pots. 
All went very well as you can see. 
Sue did say she did a few things differently like as we have maple syrup then there was no need for granulated sweetener.
We did not use Passion Fruit for the topping, we used our normal berry mix.
All a bit Yummy
Note - Colour Popping done in NIK Silver Efex 

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