By TrishaR

New Sun Chairs

I’ve used my mums old fold up sun chairs which she’s had since the 70s, which are fab but decided it was time to treat ourselves now we are retired and get the ones that can fold back and your whole body is supported. These ones are fab I did a bit of research first as am such a fussy cow I need them to fit the bill and these do. I like the headrest and the side ledge to hold phone and drink and book.

Shopping and Foodbank. A few delivering to folks who are isolating with Covid. No dramas this week although one was to a woman who treated us like a Deliveroo service about a month ago , not in her house and saying come back in half an hour then saying come to Tesco in South Street and her not being there so I said I wasn’t prepared to deal with her again so one of the wardens was walking round to her. She was taking the p*ss for sure.

I was shocked when June handed baby Nichole to Emily at the end of series 2!

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