Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Double vision

So what did I do today?  Well, beetled about and took the small lens when I went into town to look for 'reflections' for Bob'sBlips Widwed challenge.  And yes, once again I veered off-message because using the subject as a starting point I actually ended up here.  You could say it illustrates the artist's thoughtful reflections on the High Street (or double vision on my part) but that's just specious argument.  Sorry, Bob, I failed you again!

By the way, the easel belongs to Winchester's plein air painter - always around, though now back on the streets after a long lockdown break.  I don't know his name.  Ever since he looked at my camera and called 'most' photographers 'failed painters' I've not been inclined to ask.

Not a lot else to report.  Nothing, in fact.  So speak to you later  ;))

Enjoy your evening  xx

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