A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


The Grace rose by our drive entrance has bloomed today. Three flowers have opened with lots of buds coming along. The only other rose blooming in the garden so far is the climber Maigold which has been out a couple of weeks now. It climbs up by the kitchen window and ends up on the garage roof.

I’ve been over to my beautician this morning for a pedicure. Last time I went she was in Haworth and I have usually looked for a blip there but she has moved to Long Lee which is nearer home for her and a bit nearer for me. 

As I was leaving the house, reversing down the drive, I noticed these blooms so took my blip when I got back. It’s a lovely rose, starting as a deep orange bud and opening to a peachy yellow which gradually fades and takes on shades of pink. It’s also called Grace so of course I have to love it!

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