By Majoayee

Art History and MM results!

Today we had the Digital group on Skype and we tried two tutorials both fairly quick!  

1.  Colin Smith from Photoshop cafe
This is going to be a useful tool: the Quick Mask – images 1 and 3 above.

2.  Getting Painterly With The Art History Brush In Photoshop - SitePoint  The Gazenia that we bought this morning in a nursery.    Not overly impressed with this result!

Mono Monday results!

There were lots of excellent shots, excellent for a variety of reasons!  Here I have simply picked my favourite 5 which I am not putting in any particular order.  Please have a look at all the shots:
Cassnett – Balancing fork -   
Serious frolic – On the edge -

JacZero – Feel the height!! -

JennyOwen – Steady gaze !

Inverculain – Biscuit balancing !

Many thanks to all 88 Blippers who took part. We've had Ready and Steady Next week the challenge is Go!  And Claire aka Random Angel is hosting.

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