Life through the lens...

By ValC

Wild and wonderful.

In the top photo are the wild iris which have just started flowering on the moor, and the bottom photo are some miniature ones we have in a pot in the garden. They were originally in our alpine sink, but didn’t like it there, and almost died off. However they are thriving in their own pot.

I shouldn’t say it but today has been “ It’s too darn hot”!
( Just watched Ann Miller on YouTube singing and dancing this song in Kiss Me Kate.
What a great tap dancer. )
Temp reached 27C. Even too hot to sit out in the shade.
Needless to say Mr C has been watching football.
Great result for Wales.

I have done some gardening tonight, and nearly filled our new brown bin, which is being collected for the first time tomorrow.

Now keeping an eye on the weather as we had planned to go walking with the Pudseys tomorrow. We haven’t seen them since last August, and were looking forward to having a good catchup with everyone.
Hope the thunderstorms pass us by.

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