Life through the lens...

By ValC

Inquisitive youngster.

Photo taken as we sat having our packed lunch sat by the canal.

What a superb walk with our friends, the Pudsey Ramblers.
Haven’t seen them since last August. Such a lot if catching up, especially as there were 17 of us.
The walk started at Apperley Bridge. Took us through Calverley Woods, along the Leeds Liverpool Canal, and back along the River Aire.
So near to both Leeds and Bradford, and yet out in the countryside.

The weather was not as predicted. No rain, the sun came out and it was hot! 23C.

Such a lot to see, including the cows which were fortunately on the other side.
However the photo of the heron and inquisitive calf won the day. We were so surprised the bird didn’t fly off as it got so close.
Also saw swans with cygnets, a pied wagtail, and heard lots of bird song.
I have put a collage on extras.

Just before we got back to the car, we came across a memorial stone. ( See extra)
I had never heard of Julia Margaret Breese, or Clout Archery.
Clout Archery is a form of archery in which archers shoot arrows at a flag. ( Known as a Clout) from a relatively long distance and score points depending on how close each arrows lands to the flag.
Surprising what you come across when out on a walk.

We called to see friends on the way home. P couldn’t come on the walk with us as he is suffering with a foot problem.
Great to see them after so many months of Covid restrictions. Sat in the garden with G&T and nibbles. ( Mr C lemonade as he was driving!) After a few happy hours of chat and laughter we finally got back home at 6.30pm.

Should sleep well. Not used to doing 6.5 miles.
Need a soak in a hot bath first!

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