By dogwithnobrain

You Packed in the Morning....

We were a bit bored with Vanilla ice cream this week and i decided to make caramel sauce . 

It took me back to when I was a mere sapling and I worked in the kitchen of a local restaurant. 

The cook was an elderly lady.   There were no Sous Chefs, or Pastry Chefs, or Head chefs.   

I had my jobs.  

Make up the Pavlovas.  Make Melba Toast.  Make the Marie Rose Sauce.  Seed the Avocados (we were ahead of our time ) Mix the cream to cream the gateaux.  Chop up fruit for Fruit Salad.  Prepare all the veg and salad. Peel Potatoes. 

I never bloody stopped.   I also never stopped eating.  I'd have a mouthful of Smoke Salmon when I  went in the fridge.  I'd have a meringue nest when I went through the back for supplies.   I'd pinch Roast potatoes off the silvers (It was all silver service).    And frequently Id stick a dessert spoon into the jar of Miss Elliots Home made caramel sauce and be unable to speak for 10 minutes. 

She would make it when no one else was in ... no one knew her recipe.  It was splendid stuff.    

No idea what this one will be like.  Too hot to try. 

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