By dogwithnobrain

And turned them into feel good

This week has passed in a flash. 

At 4 pm this afternoon, I slid off my chair, and lay on the floor, and from there I took this photo. 

I examined a dead fly laying on the floor, and lifted him by his little iridescent wing, and set him free in the wind.   I contemplated the varnish on the door surround or lack of it.  I looked at the sky and wished I could fly. 

My head is full of numbers.  I worked til 7.30 on Monday,  and til past 6 every other night.  My boss facetimes me and says "can you reduce the Sales in Q3 by X, and increase the overhead in Q2 by Y. 

I was also training another colleague on a software system; trying to remember how to update the licence, and redirect the location of it; whilst still sending updates to my boss - and winding up the other boss. 

I love it when I'm this busy - but heavens the time does fly past - It was 1818 again before I realised it, and tonight, I was too tired to go for a walk.   But the garden was nice enough to sit and be in a daze. 

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